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Water For Kenya 5K

Imagine a place where there is no running water, no sewer system, and no plan to bring clean water to your community. Envision yourself waking up, groggy eyed and the first step out of bed takes you to the 20-liter jerry can sitting by the front door. Wearily you begin the daunting 3-mile walk to the local watering hole. Upon arrival you notice the water is exceptionally dirty today. You daydream of being able to one day take a gulp from a glass filled with clean, sparkling fresh water. After snapping back to reality you fill the 20-liter jerry can to the top.  Satisfied, you embark on your journey home.  Over ninety, painstaking minutes later you arrive home. One grueling task done for the day now on to another.

The story above is one morning in the life of many men, woman, and children in rural Kenya. The Water for Kenya 5K is an opportunity for us to bring life-giving water to these special people. $25, your cost to register is all it takes to supply one adult with clean water for life. Today, you can be a world changer. Register today.